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Spring in the Russian business community, among lawyers and tax consultants made a lot of noise internal letter of the Federal tax service (FTS letter № ED-5-9/547@). Some called it a "tax thaw." The main idea of the letter the inspectors should ease the pressure on business and cease to accrue additional taxes for formal violations, such as the results of the interrogation of the Director, invalid signature, or lack thereof. Previously, for the calculation of the multimillion arrears was enough guidance in the acts of checks of the characteristics of ephemeral y followed links. Now the tax still have to establish the reality/a fictitious business transactions with the counterparty. The business again reminded that the choice of counterparties should be approached with caution.

If the counterparty of a company's first or even second level has signs of a "phony" is not a reason to deny her deductions and expenses noted by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. This conclusion he did in the case of a company that has developed a rare form of coal middleman without staff and means of production. In court, the manufacturer said that did not make the loading of goods to a particular buyer. But the Supreme Court found more compelling reasons to decide in favor of the taxpayer. The definition can focus the inspections and the courts more carefully, and not to formally test trades, experts hope.

Question: the Organization is obliged by court order to pay the actual value of shares to the heirs of the deceased parent (the decision). Since the net assets of the organization according to the balance is low, a court at the request of the heir initiated the examination of the value of the actual share of the deceased parent on the basis of market prices of assets (real estate). Tax on property the organization shall calculate on the basis of the carrying amount of the property. Is it mandatory for the organization to reassess the OS (to bring the price of the asset to the market price level) taking into account the decision of the court and how it will affect the calculation of the property tax?

Consideration of a question on possibility of assignment of the claim for receipt of funds under the contract of Commission, the subject of which was the sale of precious stones, provided that the assignee has no certificate of special registration in the organs of assay supervision of the Russian Federation.

Diamond natural uncut precious stone of great value. In this regard, it has become a popular way to preserve capital. Selling diamond is not so easy, you need to take into account many subtleties.

In the process of economic activities of participants of economic activities often raise questions on the procedure of registration of various documents. So, for example, one of our clients raised the question-Russian organization (a tax) purchased goods in Belarus. The import of goods to Russia was carried out by the Belarusian organization. At the time of acceptance of goods to the Russian Federation identified short and feature act established discrepancy in quantity and quality at acceptance of imported goods stipulated by conditions of the contract. How to fill out the line 15 in sect. 1 statement on import of goods and payment of indirect taxes?

In accordance with the official explanations of the Federal tax service of 4 April 2016 годаN ED-4-15/5702, on the application of the deduction of value added tax (hereinafter - VAT) on the basis of a universal transfer document (hereinafter DFC) and the use of DFC as a shipping document, while confirming the right to apply the VAT rate of 0% for export goods, we can say the following:

The transaction may be invalidated not only in case of violation of their detention, and failure to comply with other requirements (presence of spelconsoles sides, matching will of the parties their true will, whether the contents of the transaction to law requirements). In this regard, among the invalid transactions can be divided into four groups:

According to paragraph 2 of article 11 of the tax code of the Russian Federation by non-residents are those individuals who during the calendar year were in Russia less than 183 days.

What guarantees the rights of the foreign investor has to unhindered export from the Russian Federation property and information in documentary form or in the form of records on electronic media, which were originally imported to the territory of the Russian Federation as a foreign investment

Starting basic to obtain such a guarantee is the import into the Russian Federation property and information in documentary form or in the form of record on electronic carriers as a foreign investment. Accordingly, in order to freely export from the territory of Russia property and information, the foreign investor must prove the fact of their importation into the Russian Federation.


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