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It is expected that the price adjustment will happen because of the renovation. Prices for primary housing in Moscow because of the renovation program in the next seven years may be reduced by 30%. This statement was voiced by the Deputy General Director of concern "Krost" Denis Kapralov.

Offer in the primary market exceeds the demand. For the first half of 2017, the commissioning of housing in Moscow fell by 39.2% to 827 500 sq. m. Experts believe that it's all in the decline in consumer demand. Now offer in the primary market of Moscow region is 5.5 times higher than the demand: 249 556 of apartments sold in the second quarter accounted for 45 585 deals. Apartments in houses built in previous years, remain unsold, while he added to them new housing.

Housing in Moscow and the Moscow region in the next few years will be cheaper. According to experts, the prices will return to the level of 2004-2005.

The era of scarce housing market completed. In the coming years, apartment prices will fall because of lower demand and record supply in the market. According to experts, it may be the transition to a market model for Ford, where participants earn on turnover and low prices, making housing available for a wide range of the population.

Or simply – "What are the objects customers to ignore"?

The answers to the questions listed above, You will find in this article. Thus, the answers presented in the form of a thesis that the reader could understand the easy style of writing the proposed text, namely:

In recent times we hear that the secondary housing market has lost the battle for buyer – house is cheaper, newer, more comfortable. But in reality things are not so simple.

Customer demand really shifted to new buildings. Large developers have been able to adapt to new market conditions and started to build apartments smaller areas, reduced prices, have started offering ready to move apartments for sale. In addition, the state program of preferential mortgage applies only to new buildings.

Real estate in Moscow, S/sq. m. the Okt. 16 To Sep. 16
Cost index (environments. The level of housing prices) 2 755 points + 1,9 %
The index of price expectations (the rate of adultery. Housing price) +0,6 % /month.. - 0,2 %
Profitability index of housing (cf. Housing from Bank. It PL.) 1.7 DEP - 0, 6 b.d

October has finally confirmed that the attempts of the Moscow square metre to grow with the arrival of autumn was not a success. Moreover, market activity and volume of transactions, the fall was worse than the summer – autumn growth is lost about 10%. This situation once again confirms the thesis, not just marked on IRN.RU any artificial increase in demand then it will result in stagnation.

The potential buyer when considering proposals for the sale of residential premises in most cases, asks the same question: "it's Amazing - about the same apartments in the same buildings often have a different price. Why this happens and what factors affect the final cost of housing?"

In this article we will try to draw Your attention on the fundamental factors that affect the final cost of housing.

The bottom the number of deals on Moscow's secondary housing market was passed last summer, the bottom for the price — still to come, so I think, unfortunately, many real estate experts.

At the end of last year, we talked about the fact that the secondary housing market as a whole has adapted to new economic realities: the participants came out of the shadows, parting with illusions, and took the harsh truth of life in the face of declining revenues and the natural in such a situation, the desire for savings. This adaptation (even with falling of solvency), according to our estimates, would be enough to support the demand in 2016 of at least 15% higher than in the unpredictable 2015. the Results of the first half confirmed these predictions.

The cost of housing in Russia in January - March 2016 for the first time since the beginning of 2015 showed a quarterly increase, write "Vedomosti" with reference to the report of the company knight Frank.

At present important value for any buyer of real estate or for the person who is going to conclude the contract of share participation in construction matters with whom to enter into a contractual relationship. In most cases, according to the above relations have to enter into a contractual relationship with the Developer. Of course, before the relevant contract is concluded, every person would like to know with whom to sign a contract? And the answer to this question is elementary simple – you need to study all the information about the Builder. This article focuses on this issue: - "Who in reality is the Developer?". Responses are summarized in the subparagraphs of this article.


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