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Or simply – "What are the objects customers to ignore"?

The answers to the questions listed above, You will find in this article. Thus, the answers presented in the form of a thesis that the reader could understand the easy style of writing the proposed text, namely:

1. The apartment received by the sellers of apartments, by way of inheritance after deceased citizens.

In this case, there may be a risk for the buyer – can be a new legitimate heirs, and then new issues arise. Namely, buying an apartment, recently received by the seller by inheritance, need to be prepared for the appearance of other heirs. The seller may not know about them, and may hide in order to quickly sell the apartment and get the money. Often new legitimate heirs is the illegitimate children of the deceased. In this case the deceased is inscribed in the certificate of birth of a "new legal heirs", and they can claim the inheritance. The transaction in this case for the apartment sale court could be invalidated.

In practice, there are cases when there are heirs with the latest version of the will.

Sometimes "POPs up" later wills by which the heir is not your seller, and the other person. Often the elderly is a lot of versions of the will, on which the apartment is unsubscribe to different people "in the mood". Valid only the latest revision, the rest have no power.

Appear minor heirs.

Some heirs are entitled to a compulsory share of inheritance, even if they are not included in the will. It is minor children and persons who are in care. If it turns out that people who have you bought an apartment, not shared with such heirs, the transaction was deemed invalid.

Experts advise buying property, the title document which is the certificate of inheritance is literally Russian roulette, because the buyer is not immune from the emergence of new heirs.

2. Presented apartment

Transactions presented to the apartments – free of charge. But often the contract giving "cover" normal transaction. And they can be terminated if it turns out the fact of transfer of money.

To terminate the transaction and the donor. For example, the grandson does not care for gave him an apartment to my grandma and she has the right to change my mind. If you bought from the grandson of this apartment, I could lose it.

3. The apartment received under the contract of rent

An elderly person may convey his property in exchange for maintenance and upkeep (rent) to the end of life. Imagine the situation: after the death of the owner the person who was taking care of him, gets the property and sells it.

Family members may try to challenge the resale flats and to prove that the care of the old man was bad. Then the new transaction can be terminated in a judicial order

4. An apartment with a "children's rights".

As an example, violations of children's rights in the privatization of apartments it is possible to cite as an example the following case. Not to get the permission of bodies of guardianship on the sale of housing, people are often prescribed minor children from the apartment before privatization, and then submitted the documents for privatization without children. Thus, if in the future it will be proved that the child was discharged less than six months before the privatization all further transactions to sell can invalidate. Prior to 1994, parents were not obliged to include minors in privatisation, but now it is a requirement.

5. The apartment with the parent capital

Such housing can not be sold without the permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, until the child turned 18. But in contracts of sale do not always indicate that the apartment is purchased using the matkapital. This may be a rescission of the transaction on the part of the guardianship.

What to do if you are buying a resale apartment? Carefully study the housing history and find out all the circumstances that led to the deal. The only way to reduce the risks.


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