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In recent times we hear that the secondary housing market has lost the battle for buyer – house is cheaper, newer, more comfortable. But in reality things are not so simple.

Customer demand really shifted to new buildings. Large developers have been able to adapt to new market conditions and started to build apartments smaller areas, reduced prices, have started offering ready to move apartments for sale. In addition, the state program of preferential mortgage applies only to new buildings.

But the secondary housing still has a lot of advantages.

1. A lot of second houses – there are plenty to choose from. Compare: in the early summer in Moscow sold a little more than 6 thousand apartments in new buildings and 57 thousand apartments in the secondary market. On the secondary market you can choose almost any housing and modest - "Khrushchev," and a spacious "apartment" and flat "improved planning" in the Soviet elite. Even historic apartment in pre-revolutionary building or new condo in newly constructed high-rise building, which has already managed to draw in the property and put up for sale. The secondary housing is not only old, but new. Sooner or later, all new buildings are "secondary."

2. You can find an apartment in any district – close to work, in the neighborhood, with relatives, near green areas or sports facilities.

3. Closer to the center of cheaper deals can be found on the secondary market. In the prestigious areas the cost of apartments in new buildings is much higher than in neighboring Soviet panel. For example, in the prestigious district Academic average price of one-room apartments on the secondary market – more than 8 million rubles, and in new buildings – more than 21 million rubles.

4. Buying an apartment on the "secondary market", it is possible to negotiate a discount. The owners are making concessions, because otherwise you stimulate demand is extremely difficult. The discount on the secondary housing market of 300-500 thousand rubles and more. Real deal today are not the prices that you see in the databases of ads, and with good discounts.

5. Property – immediately. Buying housing on the secondary market, the buyer immediately becomes the owner and can dispose of them as he wants – to give, change, sell, or rent.

6. Check – immediately. The obvious advantage of "secondary" apartment – it is possible to settle immediately after purchase. Unlike buildings, don't need to wait for the repair to be completed (including before the neighbors finish all noisy work), while the house will shrink.

7. "Secondary" located in areas with established infrastructure. There's plenty of schools, kindergartens, clinics and shops, transport links have been established.

However, the disadvantages of secondary residences too.

1. Resellers – old buildings. Despite the fact that the same "Stalinka" built "for the ages", engineering networks there usually is worn out, the plan is far from modern ideas of comfort, and entrances are often in very bad condition. But old not all "secondary": even as the facade of houses in the center of Moscow today could be much better than the relatively recent prefabricated houses, the form of which, including the entrances, it becomes ugly pretty quickly too.

2. The lack of modern amenities. Often, the courtyards of old houses, especially in the center, transformed into a natural Park. In addition, buyers of old apartments can face a variegated social environment, especially when it comes to houses the business and elite segments.

3. Legally "unclean" apartments. In some of the apartments have changed owners so much that to guarantee the legal purity of the apartment is very difficult. The main drawback of the "secondary" is that she has a "history" that needs to be checked. According to our data, every 10th transaction in the secondary housing passes through the trial"


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