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The potential buyer when considering proposals for the sale of residential premises in most cases, asks the same question: "it's Amazing - about the same apartments in the same buildings often have a different price. Why this happens and what factors affect the final cost of housing?"

In this article we will try to draw Your attention on the fundamental factors that affect the final cost of housing.

Stage of construction of the house.

If you buy a dwelling house that is just beginning to be built, the apartment will cost less than a new building, which is already in operation. The difference in price is on average 20-30%.


In modern buildings there is no uncomfortable first and last floors. In the capital, for example, is not the first on the first floor instead of flats house shops and other infrastructure, and housing starts from the second floor. However, many builders offer a discount of 3-5% for apartments in the lower floor. The cost of housing usually increases along with the number of storeys and the top floor are usually the best and most expensive apartments.In addition, the apartments in multi-storey buildings in General are usually cheaper than medium - and low-rise.

Area of the apartment.

Naturally, the bigger the apartment the more expensive it is. But with increasing area of the housing decreases the cost per square meter. For example, a square meter in the most popular among buyers of one-bedroom apartments is more expensive than the less popular three and four.

Construction technology and materials.

The most comfortable but also most expensive - brick house. They were followed by buildings built on monolithic technology, and are considered to be the most economical prefabricated house. The final cost of housing is influenced by the materials used in construction and decoration - imported more expensive domestic counterparts.Not to say that the panel construction is today worse than monolithic. There are high-quality and high-quality facilities in both types of construction. - It's just different technology. Segodnyashnaya modern technology that meets all the requirements for safety and energy efficiency. Thus, if we consider the project as a whole, more thoughtful and rational content panel project (infrastructure, decoration , engineering, etc.) may make it more monolithic.

The presence of decoration.

Instead of concrete boxes, developers are increasingly offering ready to move apartments for sale. According to statistics, today about 15% of the apartments are offered with finishing. The major share of such housing is concentrated in the mass segment (about 13% of the volume of newly offered on the market). Much less such offers in business and elite classes, where, as a rule, the owners strive to make the design of their homes unique. Apartment finishes are more expensive, but the price difference is significantly less than the amount that you spend by doing the repairs yourself.


The further from downtown the cheaper. The reason is not only the increased demand for apartments in the Central districts, but the higher cost of land, construction costs and connections to utilities.


In populated areas with many shops, services, cultural and sports facilities, housing will be more expensive than residential areas and new neighborhoods built outside the city borders "in the field".


The cost of apartments in residential complexes located near metro stations or stops the train, with convenient access roads for cars and good public transport is always higher than in new buildings, which are harder and longer to reach. This is valid also for the future - construction metro station or the railway also raises the cost of apartments in nearby buildings.


The price of housing is affected by the proximity of industrial enterprises, greening of the area and the environmental situation in General. For example, apartments in the West of Moscow, which is one of the cleanest in environmental terms, often are more expensive than close to the center, but contaminated Shabolovka.

Hidden problems.

Sometimes developers are beginning to strongly reduce the price of the apartment for no apparent reason. This may indicate potential problems with the financial situation of construction companies, product documentation, quality of construction or inability to provide the residential complex with the necessary infrastructure.


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