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At present important value for any buyer of real estate or for the person who is going to conclude the contract of share participation in construction matters with whom to enter into a contractual relationship. In most cases, according to the above relations have to enter into a contractual relationship with the Developer. Of course, before the relevant contract is concluded, every person would like to know with whom to sign a contract? And the answer to this question is elementary simple – you need to study all the information about the Builder. This article focuses on this issue: - "Who in reality is the Developer?". Responses are summarized in the subparagraphs of this article.

1. The study of the history and structure of the company.

The longer the company has been operating on the market, the more reliable it is. This rule does not completely reflect reality, but if the developer was a couple of years, and his portfolio includes commissioned objects no, its reliability is clearly doubtful.

At the same time, quantity does not always turns into quality, so it is easy to find on the web a lot of negative feedback regarding the "veterans" of the construction market.

It also makes sense to check company's registration data: often "clean" at first glance, the developers are reincarnations of the controversial companies, and they are headed by the same leaders.

Should look, and information about these possible scandals: the claims of buyers, pickets investors, criminal cases concerning their owners and management.

2. Assessment of the quality of the information provided about the objects.

An important point is the completeness and accuracy of the information published by developers on their sites.

If on the official website of the company there is no specifics on the apartment you are interested, but only zasypnye slogans like "Call us and all will be well", this can not but cause concern. If it is a quality facility, then why not to imagine the audience in all its glory, and not to answer hundreds of times by telephone on the same questions?

In this case, the information should be not only complete but also reliable: often developers, prikrasa is silent about his faults, for example, its not the best location.

3. Find information about major shortcomings in the activities of the developer.

In the construction of any object possible certain shortcomings, highlight the main points that should pay attention.

3.1. The delay of delivery of objects.

Delays are almost all developers, but some, it was an accident, others trend. Serious delay is fraught for you to serious financial losses.

3.2. The timing of delivery of infrastructure.

Often developers proclaim security of residential complexes with all necessary infrastructure, but rent it only after many years, and it causes considerable inconvenience for the residents.

3.3. The quality of finished objects.

Naturally, it is necessary to examine very closely the on the Internet reviews about the quality of the specific property, and on the other implemented by the developer of the objects in the past, then to evaluate all the disadvantages, the prospects and the cost of their removal.

4. Examination of proposed treaties.

The first point which you should pay attention to is, again, the publication of the draft Treaty publicly available. If project is not on the website, it refuses to send via email or handed out in the office – most likely, the Treaty is not all right, and it is designed to protect only the interests of the Builder, not the buyer.

Significant provisions of the contracts of transfer of real estate, significantly increasing the costs buyers:

assumption of change of the area of apartments upon delivery (usually it increases, thereby increasing the cost of housing);

the imposition of additional (consulting, legal and other) services;

blurred the timing of the registration of ownership of the apartment, etc.

It is desirable to provide the project for the study of professional lawyer.

5. A critical analysis of the opinions about the Builder and its objects.

Or a prospective buyers leave, of course, both positive and negative reviews about the property. However, all reviews have to approach it critically – it's no secret that a significant number of them have ordered.

Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously only those reviews that contain the specifics: a detailed description of the faults or (more rarely) features of objects.

Uninformative reviews like "friends a year ago bought an apartment and are very satisfied" or "everything is bad" it is better to ignore.

6. Registry developers.

To check the reliability of the developer on the portal of the Unified register of contractors, where there is a list of companies and list of buildings. Here you can see the object under construction in every region and locality of Moscow. The idea of the Ministry, it should help investors to choose high-quality facilities and reliable companies and don't fall for the bait scams.

In addition, there are "black" and white" lists, from which you can obtain a lot of useful information. On the open data portal of the Moscow government maintains a roster of developers, attracting funds of shareholders, contains a description of the object, information about its location and a link to the design Declaration. There is also a regularly updated registry of the problem of developers of the Moscow region and the list of construction companies reporting.


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