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How to understand that the Builder ran out of money, and the house turned into protracted?

The size of discounts in the secondary market has decreased. In Moscow on the secondary market during the year significantly increased the number of for sale cheap apartments. According to the company "INKOM-real Estate", most appeared in the sale of homes valued up to 5 million rubles.

In the market of suburban real estate near Moscow came the rare moment when a variety of objects and attractive conditions for purchases. But to use them buyers are in no hurry.

Before proceeding to the predictions for 2016, remember, what was the year 2015 that we can say, began in December 2014. A year ago the Russians stormed shops, banks, and the discount rate at the time was raised to 17%. Oil, by the way, it was worth all the Dec 2014 around $60 per barrel...

In 2015, the total volume of real estate transactions in terms of value in Russia as a whole lost, according to our estimates, 42%. The price drop was 15%.

What will happen to prices on the apartments this fall? What to expect sellers and buyers of housing?

Autumn – traditionally the high season for the market of primary and secondary real estate. All back from holidays – rising demand and housing prices. However, will the annual trend in today's economic realities?

1 January 2015 entered into force the order of Ministry of economic development No. 765 of 23 January 2013, approved the form of certificate of registration of rights (further — the Certificate). In this regard, the Federal registration service on its official website draws the attention of owners that the change of the form of the Certificate and the requirements for its filling not led to lower legal force of the document.

If six years ago, few people thought when opening the Deposit in the Bank about how to check the information about the insurance contribution and that will have to do if the Bank where Your money, the Central Bank of Russia revoked the license. But seeing the increased activity of the Bank of Russia to restore order in the activities of banks in Russia, many citizens began to think about the possibility of losing your money due to "negligent bankers." Many people naturally the question arises: "what to do if the Bank where I keep my money, you happen to be a revocation of the license? What to do in such a case, in order not to lose your money?". About this talk in this article.

What is needed the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment, why without it, the contract of employment— nothing more than a useless wrapper and how to structure the act so that both parties were satisfied?

Apartments, country houses and land plots in Russia in the second half of the year can lose in value at least 25 percent. Real estate is cheaper since the beginning of the year. But such square meters demand continues to fall. Developers in the struggle for the buyer opened the season of discounts, hoping to sell something.

The state Duma adopted a number of laws that will seriously affect the development of the Russian real estate market, regardless of the current economic environment. Market experts have looked at the importance of each of these innovations and appreciate the coming consequences for sellers and buyers.


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