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Experts say, on what parameters to judge the reliability of the project

Previous crises have taught buyers to be cautious: do not fail if construction time, not freeze if at all the construction, I will not "defrauded investors"? Our review for those who are focused on purchase of apartments in newly built house, but is worried about the fate of the building. The experts of the company «Interleks» misleading our readers about the basic parameters of the projects that are in crisis will be able to stay afloat and will be the most reliable option purchase.

How to save money when buying or selling an apartment?

The cost of the services of estate agents 3-6% of the transaction value. The price depends on the complexity of the transaction. The same applies to the price of the apartment, the more expensive you buy an apartment, the smaller the percentage of the transaction is received by the realtor. And the more this amount will be in cash. This cost does not include cost of rental of a safe Deposit box, registration services, expenses of notary and payment of the registration fee. No one Agency could not immediately answer the question – how much will cost for their services. Price called for a free consultation after you clarify all the nuances.

Buying an apartment in the building is quite risky and not always worth the risk. Consider a situation where the price of apartments in new buildings by 10 percent cheaper than the finished housing delivery in 1 year, the house is built on 80%. At first sight, all the evidence suggests that the risk when buying this apartment – minimum. However, consider this situation from the other side.

If you ever sell any thing on "Avito" or "hand in hand", I am sure that you will be able to sell the apartment and will do it much better than the average real estate Agency. The main thing – to understand what was happening. We the people can sell or buy a car through "Car.ru", but can't buy or sell an apartment. If you choose the mediators travel packages, if you never sold over the Internet, then perhaps you should not start doing it by the example of his own apartment. But if the experience there, I think and to buy a property you get. To make the transaction on purchase of the apartment or the apartment to check on the legal purity, we will not teach, and don't need it. You can always order only legal support – all this stuff that requires special knowledge. And you don't risk anything.

To achieve the reader of the article more full content of this article let me explain several interpretations of the current legislation. Article 21 of the civil code gives a notion of capacity of the citizen. The ability of the citizen – "the Ability of citizens by their actions acquire and exercise civil rights, create for himself civil obligations and fulfill them (civil legal capacity) arises in full with approach of age of majority, i.e. on reaching the age of eighteen."

The reason for writing this article were the numerous complaints of customers dissatisfied with work of the realtor. To make it clearer, here is an example. One of directions of activity of our company is the penalty by the developer in accordance with 214-FZ. While rendering these services, our customers tell us about the circumstances under which property was acquired and what problems they encountered. On our website we share our experiences. Be will specific examples from life, so you will understand.

Sale starts by identifying the main indicators of the apartment. It's such as total area, number of rooms, separate or combined bathroom, the presence or absence of a balcony, the layout, number of storeys, location, distance from subway, price range and many other parameters.


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