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Want to Evaluate, Buy, Sell or Exchange apartment, house or land?

Any Advice on real estate issues.


ZAO "Interleks" is:

  • Simultaneous combination of legal and real estate services by providing customers with services for the purchase or sale of any property that gives customers receiving the high level of real estate services at optimal cost and competent legal protection of Your interests in transactions ( which conducted a legal review of all documents that relate, directly or indirectly, in respect of property sold or purchased by the customer).
  • Maximum database on real estate that exists today for professional realtors at real estate of Moscow and Moscow region.
  • Full legal support of our clients rieltorskim services provided by our experts to the clients of ZAO «Interleks».

Only proven law firm can in time and correctly carry out any transaction with real estate. Being the first year in the market in the capital, we have earned immense experience and a positive reputation.

Our clients were pleased with the cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. We have always defended the interests of the people have turned to us. In the Moscow region and Moscow, a lot of luxury and affordable housing. And all of this is recorded daily in our database. Therefore, our law firm is ready to offer its customers the best square footage at affordable prices. Risks, safety is guaranteed. You only need a minimal package of documents. Any transaction with our law firm is transparent and safe.

Only reliable law firms able to carry out a competent selection of cottages in elite communities in priority areas, because their property database is regularly replenished.


What can be offered by our legal company?


sale of rooms, apartments, houses, land at the best prices;

-implementation of any transaction (sale, purchase, exchange, evaluation or rental of property, land) on the basis of reliable information without risk, and too much loss of time;

-any secondary and new housing in Moscow and Moscow region on request of our customer;

- any land at the request of our client;

Our company commits to the implementation of tasks, therefore specialists are able to find in any situation a compromise and make the right decision. Employees of our company are always aware of all innovations: exclusive offers on acquisition of new buildings, rebates, best options sale or exchange of second homes. And it's not just words, because our database of real estate of Moscow and Moscow region updated daily. Thus, our law firm is ready to solve the pressing problems of the customers. Everyone who applied to our law firm sell, barter, or purchase property on the most advantageous terms and in a short time. Our specialists know all the intricacies of their work, so their experience should be trusted. Please contact our specialists and You will be satisfied with the quality of our services and competence of employees.


ZAO «Interleks» offers its services to clients on legal support of real estate transactions.

Company specialists provide legal support at the highest level. We know all the nuances of this issue and will help you quickly and, most importantly, to properly execute any transaction. ZAO «Interleks» has a good reputation among all customers. This is a real guarantee of quality and reliability for each.

All transactions are carried out only by competent lawyers who have the appropriate skills and qualifications. They approach any issue with full responsibility. You, in turn, can save time and not bother dealing with such issues.

It is not always there are means in order to contain a staff lawyer. Moreover, a lawyer working directly for a consulting company, to cope with this task much better than a specialist. We have rich experience and are able to solve various issues in modern areas, not limiting themselves the task of only one company or any one industry. With our employees, high-quality legal support of the transaction will be provided.

Employees are well aware that only timely and qualitative maintenance of the contract of purchase and sale can help the client to solve the issue without problems and delays.

The main advantages of the company:

• a sound approach to business;

• budget valuable;

• rich experience;

• knowledge of the business;

• integrity;

• individual approach;

•warranty work carried out;

• wide range of additional services;

• team of the best professionals (only law graduates);

• operational work.

Our company quickly and effectively solve tasks of any complexity. Our employees care what people think about them clients. So we always try to approach the performance of the work individually.

If you cannot find a buyer for their apartment or to choose your dream property, we can offer you a full range of real estate and legal services. We will find the property at the agreed-upon parameters.

Contact ZAO «Interleks» and a job well done will be provided.

 In other words you only need to find an apartment and order us Legal support under the key. Further we take care!




Office:   Moscow, Volgogradskiy prospect, Business center «TheCube», room 416
Legal services:  +7 (499) 391-57-55 ; +7 (916) 546-99-25 (hours)
Real estate services:   +7(499) 391-55-56
For customers speaking any of these languages -
English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi:
+7 (977) 288 59-95
Еmail: 89165469925@mail.ru; interlex17@rambler.ru

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